Welcome! My name is Nate Hooven and I’m a wildlife ecologist I earned my BS in zoology (specializing in wildlife biology) from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in 2018. So far in my career I’ve been fortunate to work across the United States, aiding conservation, management, and research programs across a wide variety of wildlife taxa. 

My primary research interests lie at the intersection of large herbivore behavior, nutrition, and reproduction, and how these interact to control population dynamics. My fascination with ungulates stems from witnessing firsthand the tenacity and adaptability of these animals in multiple ecosystems across the continent; in my research I am interested in shedding light on the myriad intrinsic and extrinsic processes that shape their populations. I hope that my work can (1) provide rigorous scientific evidence to inform sustainable ungulate management, and (2) further our understanding of these incredible animals as well as ecology in general. 

Currently, I am a graduate assistant and master’s student with the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Kentucky, where my thesis will focus on reproductive success, movements, and resource selection of Rocky Mountain elk in eastern Kentucky. You can read about my research here as well as download a current copy of my CV here. Thanks for visiting!

Nathan D. Hooven
Graduate Assistant / MS Student
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of Kentucky, Lexington

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